An Update

Wow.. I’ve really not kept up with this blog as much as I wanted to.

I’ve been in this weird state of mind…

Because I write SO much at my work, I just don’t have any motivation to write.

I put a lot of thought and energy into basically anything I do.  I’m a perfectionist.  My friends and family know this very well about me.  I don’t like to put out anything unless it is exceptional.

That being said, I LOVE writing.  As many of you have seen from my recent Facebook posts, having my name on a byline is a wickedly cool feeling.

SO, here are some short updates about me.

– I’ve tried AMAZING food here (tbh I have a food post saved in my drafts which I’ve been neglecting.. that’ll be out soon)

– I’ve went to a plethora of amazing concerts

– My job ROCKS (if you don’t know what I do, ask)

– I turned 21!!!!!

– I’ve been working out ALMOST everyday.  I’m pretty proud of this, I feel so good physically and mentally woohoo

– I’m busy planning for the upcoming school year: AOII, Crafting for a Cure (USC Club), **I’m the president of both 😉 shameless plug** & I picked some really awesome classes for my schedule.

With September nearing, I’ve really thought a lot about how awesome my experience is here in NYC.  I’m literally never bored, the weather rocks and my home life is so calm.  I used to get extreme anxiety thinking about my 4th year: My best friends are gone, I’m quieter as a person now, I don’t enjoy going out nearly as much as I used to, I’ve taken on a lot of responsibilities with my extracurriculars, and I need to maintain my grades.

This summer has taught me that to my surprise, I’m actually doing a good job.  As I detailed in one of my pervious posts, I did suffer from some personal issues by not handling the stresses of school very well.  I now know what I need to do.  By keeping up with my fitness, staying organized, and properly prioritizing, I’m excited to KILL my 4th year.

– Dani


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