First Week



After finally finishing my first week back at work full time, I’m exhausted.  Getting back to the swing of waking up early and being on my A-game for 8 hours a day is difficult.  Finding a balance of healthy sleep, diet, and fitness is a challenge to say the least.  Yet.. I’m figuring it out and making it work! (Shoutout to the nicest gym in existence, TMPL)


Now, back to the beginning: my apartment.

I LOVE it.

Living in Hell’s Kitchen, it’s the perfect location.  My walk to work is 10 minutes, the walk to the nearest subway station is a block away, and it’s a quick walk to Time’s Square.  Restaurants are a turn away and it has a beautiful seated public courtyard below.

Another perk is looking out my bedroom windows to see all the skyscrapers; a reminder of the beautiful city I now call home.  (Featured photo is the view from my living room)


Now, there’s the stereotype that Americans are not as polite as Canadians… let’s face it, no one is as polite as us.  The biggest issue I’ve found is that many people here don’t acknowledge personal space.  Everyone is so focused on themselves (which you need to be in a large city), but for example… at a big long table in Starbucks (which is empty and I’m the only person seated at)… is it necessary to sit RIGHT next to me and practically yell in your phone?!  It’s definitely a self-centered environment.

*** Observation^, everyone I’ve met at my work and apartment have been very polite and nice though. 🙂

On the plus side, everyone that I mention I’m Canadian to responds with the generic, “Canadians are so nice!”  Happy about that reputation.



This evening I had a wonderful time-wasting excursion of visiting a nail salon.  I made an appointment for a “fill.”  As I arrived, I realized the salon clearly has fake reviews online and uses fake photos. (I was catfished)  The lady working yelled “no fill” as I asked about my appointment.  RIP.



The weather is AMAZING.  It was a high of 36 today!!! (95 in fahrenheit if you’re wondering)  Walking to work is so nice; no complaints there.

I plan on posting every Sunday about my weekly adventures; sorry this was so delayed.

Another post will be made this week about my AMAZING gym, the Comme des Garçon MET exhibition, and SummerJam 2017.

– Dani

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